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Thank you for participating in Wealth@Work 2022!
Below are some important speaker details regarding the conference.

October 16-18, 2022
Paris Las Vegas


Upload PowerPoint: September 16
Please note PowerPoint use is not required. If you do not plan to use a PowerPoint please let us know by checking the box in the Session Information section below.
You will need your session number to upload your PowerPoint.
Session Numbers are below:

Sheri Fitts 3
Alex Assaley, Brett Shofner 24
Daniel Bryant, Vishal Jain 5
Rocke Blair, Peggy West, Andrew Burns 7
Apryl Pope, Janine Moore 8
Jeff Cullen, Jake Rushton 9
Vince Morris, Jania Stout 10
Sam Brandwein, Hunter Pearl 12
John + TAPOs Session One 13
John + TAPOs Session Two 14
Leah Sylvester, Emily Minnich, Nicole Corning 15
Jeanne Sutton 17
Lisa Kottler 19
Tina Shackman, Devyn Deux 21
Joe Denoyior 4
Jamie Greenleaf 25
Pete Swisher, Jason Roberts 28
Brad Arends, Sam Mitchell, Jania Stout 29
Jeffery Acheson 30
Rebecca Hourihan, Sasha Cibrian, Missy Schoedel 31
Nicole Hinman 34
Theresa Conti, Pam Brooks, Christina Tunison 35
Melissa Cowan, Brad Arends 37
Holly Knight, Faith Teope 40
Matt Daniels, Pat Rieck 41

A PowerPoint Template is available below for your use if desired.
Note, PowerPoints are not required, nor are you required to use the below template should you decide to use a PowerPoint.
If you are NOT using a PowerPoint, please let us know by checking the box in the Session Information section below.

Session Information

HIVE Speaker Discussion Table Assignments


How will my room be set up?

All session rooms are set up with a screen, projector, handheld clicker, 6-foot table, 3 chairs, and 3 lav mics.

Do I need to bring my own laptop?

No, personal laptops are not allowed. Please note when you arrive to your session room, your PowerPoint presentation (if you have chosen to use one) will be on the screen and ready. If you have not chosen to use a PowerPoint, a single slide with your session title and speaker name(s) will be on the screen (our team will create this slide for you).

Will I be introduced?

No. We suggest that when your session time begins, you begin your presentation. We suggest you do not spend much time on personal introductions as sessions are only 30 minutes.

Will attendees receive a copy of my PowerPoint?

Yes, unless you opt out which is available when you submit your PowerPoint presentation.

Are sessions recorded?


Will someone monitor my time?

Yes, a monitor will be in the back of the room and will hold up a silent notification that you have five minutes left in your session and again when you have one minute left in your session.

When should I arrive in my session room?

Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of your session.

Is my airfare reimbursed?

Speaker compensation includes two nights hotel and complimentary registration to the event. Airfare is not covered. Please note you should book your own hotel room using your own credit card. We provide a list of speakers to the hotel, and they credit two nights stay to your room. The only amount that will get charged to your room is any incidentals you charge to your room as well as any additional nights beyond two.

Please note, hotel rooms cannot be covered at other hotels. Please book your hotel room at the Paris Las Vegas, under your own name, to ensure two nights are credited to your room.

THE HIVE Speaker Discussion Table Assignments: